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1 in 5 people have the wrong job!

The ERT test

Guarantees an uncoloured personality profile based on a unique test system by means of abstract art forms.

the ERT test offers an in-depth analysis profile without discrimination
Discover subconscious choices
Discover the deepest desires
Discover unknown capacities
Opens new goals
Offers new professional opportunities

What job do you have? Now and in the future?

How does the test work?

You will see a series of images.

With each image we ask you to indicate whether you feel emotionally touched by it.
The slider bar at the bottom allows you to indicate whether the feeling is positive (right/green), negative (left/red), neutral (center) or anywhere in between.

There are no wrong answers possible, we need your personal response to every image.

After this test you will be asked to fill in a number of more general questions.